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Dreamless Oblivion No.2

3D-printed PLA



The installation "Dreamless Oblivion" is a long-term research project about how dreams and reality could affect human consciousness. In the first part of this project, I constructed a female figure as a metaphor for my interpretation of dreams. As I explore the possible connections of dreams, I use projection and sound to construct a further interpretation of the relationship between dreams, reality, and memory intuition. While the dream is based on reality, reality then defines memory intuition, which further influences the dream. In conclusion, human consciousness consists of the cycle connection among those three elements.


In this part, it discusses the possible process of purifying human consciousness. The previous figure has been degendered to present the decentered consciousness. I want to discuss the danger and instability of how human consciousness becomes separated in a constant cycle of decisions and consequences. I constantly heat the installation to metaphorize my process of examining, refining, and discarding unnecessary parts of my self-consciousness. Eventually, the installation collapses, and I wonder if that last figure is the random one left in consciousness? Or is it a refined essence distilled in the self?

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