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Imagined Homeland

Three-channel video, stereo sound, Chinese and English Subtitle



Imagined Homeland is my interpretation of the homeland I have never been to through interviewing my family, my performance of burning incense, and 3D modeling of my imagination of Yinjiaba, aka "Yins' land”. As one of the few countries to adopt a household registration system, Chinese people generally have an indelible connection and feeling for their place of origin. As I explore my self-identity, I am reminded of my grandfather's birthplace, Ya'an, Sichuan. I interviewed my family members about what they saw, heard, imagined, or thought about their "home" thousands of kilometers away from the northeast, a place some of them have never even visited. Through the collection of objects, images, and papers, I begin to use technology to construct my imagination of such land. After understanding the feelings of my elders towards that land, I chose to narrate a dialogue with this familiar yet unfamiliar land by burning incense. Watching the incense as it blends into the land with a mixture of two types of soil, I start to wonder what does the land brings us?

Imagined Homeland-Yue Yin 1.jpg
Imagined Homeland-Yue Yin 2.jpg
Imagined Homeland-Yue Yin 3.jpg
Imagined Homeland-Yue Yin 4.jpg
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