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Poetic World

Metal, mechanism, bubble water



“It is not enough for someone to only have this life and this world; they should also have the poetic world.”

--Wang Xiaobo, Written in Running Away At Night, 1993


Poetic World is a stage summary of my self-identity research by using the metaphor of bubbles. The endless bubble burst reminds me of the process of purifying my identity, which I found fleeting pleasure and freedom. I may not have a clear answer of my identity yet, but the process of getting mature by reflecting on self and environment is just like successive burst and reborn of the bubble from the spinning machine. The process could be redundant and painful, but it is also poetic and detaching. Perhaps the poetic world, which is the ideal stage of self, is just hidden in such process of bouncing back and forth, that I am my own way out.

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