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The Locuscope - Battersea Park Public Art Project

Gabriel Mansfield, Yue Yin, Yuqing Shi, Shirley Renwick

Plants, climbing dome, garden net, Aluminium enhanced mirrored-acrylic


This sensory dome has been inspired by the circular void that punctuates Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Single Form (Memorial)’ sculpture. The dome provides multiple viewpoints to witness the activity of the surrounding area, by peering through to the opposite side or upon the tessellated mirror surface.


The form of the structure echos prehistoric human round houses or bird nests - where perhaps a sense of security stems from the ability to look out in all directions. The voids allow the environment to pass through - light and wind, flora and fauna.


The dome is entirely constructed from recycled or repurposed materials. From the 3-meter steel frame that once sat in a children’s playground, to the mirror cladding that once lined the hallways of the Royal College of Art.

‘The Locuscope’ amalgamates the word ‘locus’ with the suffix ‘scope' to describe a device that encourages a contemplative examination of its location.

Riverside Radio - Hepworth & RCA Sculpture
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Interview with Southwest London radio station Riverside Radio

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