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Metal, mechanism


"Triad" is my first attempt to visualize my current relationship with my parents in sculptural form. As the only child in my family, my parents, like many others, have focused their love and resources on me, the one who "completes and stabilizes the family". However, after being away for so long and realizing the subtle relationship among the three of us, I began to question my role and identity in such a triad. Fearing the possibility of the breakup of my original family, I questioned myself whether I love the concept of family or the actual family members? As I found myself increasingly losing the sense of family, it became difficult to keep an appropriate distance from my parents. When we talk about "the family of three constructing a solid triangular structure," this interpersonal distance tends to make the structure of the family constantly changing and unstable due to tugging and rejection, even though it remains as a whole.

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